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How to use:

What is the best ratio (dilution) for the job?

We recommend the following dilutions (water to ecoSpersa; so 3:1 is three parts water and one part ecoSpersa) for your particular cleaning task at hand:

UNCUT (“ISC”)  Remediation 

2:1  Cleaning engines, engine parts, lawn equipment, bilge pumps, turbine engine and turbine engine parts, hydralic lines and leaks

3:1  Cleaning driveways, pavers (heavy stains), wheel rims, carbon build up (carburetor), fuel tanks, boat docks and decking

4:1  Industrial metal parts to remove thin protective layer oil, pavers (light stains)

5:1  Laundry (clothes, rags, etc.), car windshield / lights debugger, refinery drill rigs (and ‘pigs’), marine decking scuff marks, parking garage floors

6:1  Gas station platforms / dispensers

30:1  Floors (factory, commercial, supermarket, hospitals, home, garage, shop), boat washing, car washing

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