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EcoSpersa has been highly successful in cleaning fuel and oil tanks. In fact, EcoSpersa is the only product that can easily and thoroughly clean bunker C and liquid asphalt from tanks. Once sprayed with a pressure washer into an oil tank it will do the following:


  1. The VOC levels go down to almost zero.

  2. The air inside the tank instantly becomes breathable while also eliminating those fowl, noxious odors.  

  3. It will quickly begin to liquefy the oil residue coating the tank walls and then work its way down to the hardened sludge mass stuck to the bottom of the tank making it easy for removal. 

  4. When finished, EcoSpersa will have actually removed all traces of hydrocarbons from the tank.

  5. EcoSpersa is gravity fed. It can quickly and easily clean-up any contaminated land sites such as the areas around leaking oil tanks without having to excavating the soil. 

  6. It will clean tools, machinery and even the workers outfits making them presentable and smelling good again.




For use as a cleaner for heavy crudes, Bunker C, liquid asphalt and all other forms of petroleum based substances. The following procedure is recommended:


  1. EcoSpersa is a cleaner, degreaser and a degrader, which means it will wash and clean with a detergent and degreasing effect but then go on to detoxify petroleum or any other form of hydro-carbon it comes in contact with to a point where it will be fully consumed by the naturally occurring bacteria found in the air water or the ground. The remaining by-product is trace amounts of carbon (basically dirt), of which everything in the world is made of. 

  2. EcoSpersa is sold as a concentrate and is water activated. If the solution evaporates, the solids will remain dormant until re-hydration occurs. The amount of water needed to hydrate the EcoSpersa, runs anywhere from a highly humid environment to complete submersion into a body of water. 

  3. EcoSpersa is perfect for use as a storage tank cleaner. It will negate the need for using many different types of supplemental products and reduce the need for costly clean-ups. 

  4. For cleaning and degreasing storage tanks, the use of a power-washer is recommended. The steps to apply it are as follows:


  1. Dilution ratio: Our average customer dilutes the EcoSpersa concentrate 1 part product to 5 parts water. However, the dilution ratio can be increased to whatever you find works best for that particular application. 

  2. Draw the EcoSpersa solution through the chemical application on the pressure washer at low volume/low pressure with a chemical injection nozzle. Spray all areas that are to be cleaned with the diluted EcoSpersa solution. Immediately, the hydrocarbon levels inside the tank will drop to zero. Wait about 10-15 minutes for it to penetrate the dirt, grease, grime, oil, etc. 

  3. After the 10-15 minute period has expired, use the white (25 degree) or (yellow 40 degree) nozzle to pressure wash off with plain water. 

  4. Ground clean up would be considered unnecessary as EcoSpersa will continue to detoxify any petroleum it has come in contact with and allow for quick decomposition. 

  5. The application of EcoSpersa with a hot pressure washer or steam cleaner (mandatory for asphalt) will add the benefit of shortened cleaning time and accelerate the degrading characteristics of the product. 

  6. For very small Jobs, EcoSpersa can also be applied from a basic garden pump sprayer.

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